The Princes of Mount Lebanon

El Chouf is famous for its historical figures. The old families that ruled Mount Lebanon for centuries, such as Chehab and Maan families. These families lead Mount Lebanon to its glory and walked her through every crisis.

Two of the famous princes were Fakhereddine El Maani the 2nd and Bashir El Chehaby the 2nd. Both were responsible for many victories against the foes and worked hard for lifting the name of Lebanon higher.

Prince Fakhereddine brought Italian architecture to El Chouf and started building sites as we see today, while Prince Bashir was responsible for the political flourish of the region.

This district took its upscale status in the early 16th century after declaring Deir El Qamar as the capital of Mount Lebanon.

The Economy

The economical state in El Chouf area depends mostly on tourism, mainly from the income behind its sites and the revenues from the Beit Eddine festival. The citizens use agriculture as a way of life, and by selling their goods they raise up money for living.

Some use the old souks as their main revenue by selling merchandise for tourists and locals while others wait for the festivals to begin for a chance to sell products and benefit more. And you can see that all the roads are filled with different kinds of stores to provide you with lots of choices.

Where to Go in El Chouf

El Chouf has a wide range of places that can be visited to get the most out of the region. Places that are breathtaking and reveal the historical background of El Chouf. Places to visit in this district are a mix of history and glory revealing the ancient pride of the region.

Deir El Qamar is said to be the capital of EL Chouf with a great square with a fountain at its center it includes old souks and Prince Fakereddine museum.

The Museum has several wax statues of princes of El Chouf and other Icons of Lebanon also it has old artillery such as guns rifles and canons.

Not far from Deir El Qamar you have two iconic sites, Moussa Castle and Beit Eddine Palace. Two great buildings, the first is a dream of Moussa the architect that he made it true, and the other is an ancient palace built by Prince Bashir El Chehabi in the late 17th century.


Activities in El Chouf

Beit eddine festival is the number one activity in El Choufe area that has a great effect on the economy of this district. A festival that brings several local, Arab and international stars and musical bands to entertain the crowds coming from all over Lebanon.

The concentration on the festival in Lebanese society is very high since it is the greatest stage in Lebanon. The ticketing for its events goes on a fast basis due to the famous performers and singer who are loved by the variety in Lebanon and the Arab region.

Also, there are the plays performed at the national stage in Baakline. Plays that are free to enter and talk about various themes from Lebanese society. Each play gives the crowd a chance to donate for a selected organization to help people in need.

For the book lovers, the National Library in Baakline gives the ultimate opportunity to read books from all over the world, with various genres such as Arabic, non-Arabic, religion, and kids books.

El Chouf

El Chouf, the Lebanese district that has both beach and mountains where you can literally benefit from the sunny beaches and drive up to the peaceful mountains in 30 minutes. Al Damour beach is stated as one of the best and cleanest Lebanese beaches, with its famous resorts and hotels you can spend your day swimming under the sun.

Going uphill you encounter the streets through the valley that are covered with trees and astonishing green spaces upon the horizon. Catching your sight pops up the banana fields in the early entrance to the mountains revealing, and with the green sights, they reveal how much the region gives importance to agriculture.

This district has a historical background aged more than five hundred years since the Ottomans were residing in Lebanon. A History that is mostly centered around one man, prince Fakhreddin el Maani, who was the person who leads Lebanon and El Chouf to glory.

El Chouf is designated as a great touristic sight in Lebanon, which is visited by foreigners to experience its old souks, monuments, ancient buildings, the national library and its museum where the collision of cultures made the location a fantastic place to visit.

The Gate of Liberty

While you’re heading to the southern Lebanese borders you will cross a wonderful village named Houla. Since the Israeli were defeated and went beyond the borders, this village started shining and thrived among its nearby countries.

Houla the gate of liberty, as it was named by the locals since it was a point where the Israeli soldiers left our country through it. While entering the village you can spot the soldiers compounds directly behind the border fences, but that doesn’t give any fear to citizens nor to those who are visiting

It is a great place to get some quite yet adventurous weekend. If you seek a restful stay it’s in the hills featuring a magnificent view, or you can go sit by the ponds to clear your mind with the peaceful experience.

The valley is another issue it offers an adventurous hike through trees and hills, offering you as much as you want from the rural environment. Setting you free of cities traffic, noise, dust, and smoke in order to have the healthiest days of your life.

On the other hand, if the historical sites are what you seek then you must visit the castle of Doubei, an old Roman castle on top of a hill with a strategic view an all surrounding valleys.

Houla is a village that holds a lot of touristic potentials, and it can, someday, become one of the best villages that tourist could visit.


Food and Services in Nabatieh

Food is a main point discussed in every trip we go, it is a great deal as if someone may not enjoy a trip without tasting the food preparation in a specific destination. Our destination is nabatieh and when you hear the name of this city the first thing you must ask about is where to find the butchers market. An old market that attracts meat lovers in all its serving styles. If you’re not that into the meat you can head to “Forn AL Louz”, the first pastry shop in the city. Established in 1958 this shop is considered one of Nabatieh’s historic food tourism sites, serving its famous “Mankoushi” and lots of pastry species.

Side by side you can find another historic shop that pops up whenever you here about Nabatieh. It’s the “Shoes’ Hospital”, which is an old shop located in the center of the market, a shop that works on refurbishing and fixing shoes. With a wide smile, the shop’s owner welcomes you to his humble yet magnificent workplace. After taking your order, the doctor and that’s what he calls himself, starts telling the story of his career and the history of his shop.

There are lots of food courts in nabatieh and several special services but the mentioned above are the most famous and resembles the city in every talk and trip.

Nabatieh the magnificent.

The most beautiful city in southern Lebanon, the land of artistic culture, and the exhibition of historical images, it is the city of memories, and the center of cultures, the capital of the province of the south, located in the region of Jabal Amel.

Tourism in Nabatieh is known from since long time ago. It is a city with an old commercial reality that brought many delegations who want to live in such a city. Nabatieh’s Monday market is one of the oldest in Lebanon, it’s great, historic and played a great role in the city’s growth by bringing vendors from all the surrounding areas, and shoppers from everywhere. Nabaties’s tourism mainly shines with its markets and mainly Monday’s market that is known in the middle east as one of the best markets that even gives entertainment to its costumers beside purchasing their goods.

Nabatieh offers a great deal in the economic and tourism fields, due to the city’s vibrant cultural centers, it is a city that offers many arts, through magnificent exhibitions, beautiful theaters, and cinemas showing many films feature culture-carrying films. Community Diversity participated in building a unique city in the South, making Nabatieh one of the famous cities in Jabal Amel, There are several touristic sites in nabatieh that make its visitors spend lots of time to know more about the magnificent region. Some of these sites are Castle of Beaufort, Nabatieh’s old Mosk, Church of the Lady and the Public Garden.